[at-l] Van-supported AT Geezer Hike 2010

Roy roy_hiking at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 27 14:41:58 CST 2010

Bayou, posting for Loon...

forget the GEEZER HIKE, a not-for-profit, van-supported trek of the
Appalachian Trail starting April 1, 2010. Intended for those over 50,
slightly daft and in search of new adventures. (If you are over 50 and
want to thru-hike the AT, that criteria may apply to you! :o)

supplying the van and the driver; expenses will be shared. After hiking
the AT several times, I want to do it this way, with 6-10 friends this
summer. If interested, check out this website: www.ratherBhiking.com/hikes/geezers/.


of this writing, the expedition is still in need of a driver. If you'd
like to spend the spring and summer driving and hiking in the
Appalachians, please let me know.

All the best to the class of 2010. See you on the trail!


Posted by Bayou 

Trail Shuttle with the Geezers @ www.ratherBhiking.com/hikes/geezers/

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