[at-l] More than slightly off.....

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Sat Feb 27 23:27:14 CST 2010

...but in a diferent direction.

My dad has started getting a lot less healthy. Pneumonia three times in a year and a half. Blood clots. Using a walker or cane all the time. Confused a good deal of the time, but not Alzheimer's. But he's happy. And we finally talked for hours about the thing that was between us and holding us apart for the last 35 years.

My wife has a few problems that are killing her. Two kinds of heart failure. Multiple collapsed discs. Not a candidate for surgery because of the underlying health issues. 40mg of Lortab and 200 of Ultram a day. Blood pressure fluctuating. She's started fainting now and then.

I just can't leave for 5-6 months. I'm not that selfish. Sad right now. Will be better.

Lots of other stuff. No need to go into all of it. I waited too long. Now I have to wait until after they're gone. I hope that's a long time, but am not very optimistic. Very tired. Don't know what else to say. Don't know if I should have said anything.

I don't regret the choice. Just the reasons that I had to make it.


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