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Sat Jan 2 12:49:58 CST 2010

Well, I've posted a number of pictures here: http://tiny.cc/zPJIN 
(I have more; those are mostly hiking related ones, though...) 

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I post photos that I want to share to Picasaweb < http://picasaweb.google.com/jim.bullard >. Picasaweb is free and gives you lots of space. There are other sites too like Flickr. Stick your photos on one of those and then post the URL. We want to see where you've been. :-) 

Jim Bullard 

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I did do some mountain walking while I was there, yes...although my first day or so at altitude it had my heart going pretty good. 

As for pictures, I took hundreds, and am in the process of going through them. Anyway, I don't think I can attach any to send to the list; the last time I tried to post any in the at-l gallery it wouldn't allow me, although I admit it has been awhile since I've tried... 


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