[at-l] "Sticking To It", AT '91 video.

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I'd like one.  thnx :)
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  Finally got a copy hand delivered by Dave "The Owl". Looks pretty good despite being transfered from videotape to DVD - that said I'm watching it on a computer screen (22'"), it may not survive being played on your large screen home theater :-)

  I know Jim Bullard was the first to ask for a copy. I'm willing to mail that one and two more to the first people that speak up, and then ask that if there are more requests that the receivers make copies and pass them on.

  Two more notes... Earthworm posted a "library file card" (yeah, so I'm old, what do you call that piece of data nowadays??? <g>) that listed the video at 11 minutes. I thought it seemed like an awful long 11 minutes while watching, it actually gets to the credits in the 24 minute timeframe.

  Second - some of the gear is amusing this many years later, but I don't think the stories have changed all that much.

  Hmmm. unless my DVD burner works better (I am NOT going to reboot each time I want a copy!) I may need to pass additional requests on to Jim. :-(

  Jim, if you send me your snail-mail address I'll get that copy off to you.

  And just realized I should bring a copy to the PA Ruck for our entertainment...



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