[at-l] "Sticking To It", AT '91 video.

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Sun Jan 3 15:00:25 CST 2010

I definitely want a copy...and it'll end up in the AT Museum Library later. 
I can't find and entry for this in BooksForHikers...please check again and 
be sure it's in the AT--videos section...if not, tell me where you found it, 
so I can correct the entry. 

Subject: [at-l] "Sticking To It", AT '91 video.
> Finally got a copy hand delivered by Dave "The Owl". Looks pretty good
> despite being transfered from videotape to DVD ...
> I know Jim Bullard was the first to ask for a copy. I'm willing to 
> mail that one and two more to the first people that speak up, and then ask 
> that if there are more requests that the receivers make copies and pass 
> them on.
> Two more notes... Earthworm posted a "library file card" ...that listed 
> the video at 11 minutes.... it actually gets to the credits in the 24 minute...
> skeeter

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