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ISO is a track-for-track, bit-for-bit copy of a DVD. I am guessing that you know the rest of them.

I keep forgetting that even though all hikers are a bit geeky, not all of them transfer it over to the computer world. (Kraftwurk, right?)

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Yeah,... I'll pretend I understand all those acronyms :-)
Downloaded Imageburn at work and ran two copies perfectly.
My drive at home is also a PITA with straight CD's... it will run one, two if you're lucky, and then you start making coasters unless you reboot.


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 Not sure what's up with mine. I rebooted and still couldn't get a second copy. All I'm doing here at home is wasting discs...
 In my experience, the fastest and most reliable way to make either original or copy DVDs is via the use of an ISO file. I use ISO Recorder V2 as a Windows XP Power Toy to create the ISO, and ISO Image Burner to turn the ISO file into a DVD. When I try to make DVDs on XP without going the ISO route, I usually end up wih shiny coasters.


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