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It sure would be nice to have you Frank, I understand about the driving. My 2nd Southern Ruck I drove down from Cleveland Ohio - holy cow! 

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> My Geepus says it is 9 hours and 560 miles. Within the realm of possibility, but still a bir insane. However, that "insane" bit has never been much of a deyerrent in the past. So...
> Who knows. (The Shadow?)
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> The MAIN campground at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, is closed for the winter, as many parks are in PA. 
> Group camping is open. That means one big group camp area, 2 picnic tables, one big fire ring, 2 outhouses. This area is for 20 campers. 
> The price for the group camping is $37.00 per night for the entirecampground that hosts 20 campers. 
> NOT $37 per person as previously thought. 
> There is additional group camping area for a larger group, that runs $54 for the entire campground per night. 
> If you are interested in renting this area, please phone 888-727-7275 and rent it immediately.
> Marsha 
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