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Roy roy_hiking at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 14:24:49 CST 2010

Happy Carnival to
All !!!  Carnival season starts today (Jan. 6, Kings Day) and runs
until Mardi Gras(Fat Tuesday), at mid-night.  The Parades and Balls
start today.  Also that great tradition of King Cake, and I will be
bringing some to the So. Ruck.

I have moved my journal to
Postholer, because of the phone message options they have.  And thank
those of you who have offered trail help along my thru-hike. 

I am still trying to arrange a shuttle to the Oasis Welcome Center from Miami on the 23th of Jan.

For those going to the So. Ruck, see you there.

Happy Carnival, and Happy Hiking


Trail Journal (Trail Updates) @ http://Postholer.Com/roy_hiking
N.O. Tour Page @ http://www.tournola.com

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