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Thu Jan 7 07:31:35 CST 2010

Hey Gang,

Closed on a house in Vermont on Monday.  Drove up there on Sunday through 
blowing snow; Arlington had about 16" of the white stuff.  Reminded me of Canada.  
The house is out in the sticks and I do not have internet access!!!  I can get on the 
internet at the library and a little country store about 4 miles away has Wifi.  As I do 
all of my business on line I will probably only go on line once a week; thus I am 
going to be off list for a long time.

I will not make the final move until early February so that I can attend the PA Ruck.  
It will probably be my last for a long time.  I already have in my calender the ATC 
2011 meeting.  I did not renew my membership to ALDHA.  I have dreamed of 
hiking and canoeing for years, I now hove the opportunity of doing it and I don't need 
to live my life vicariously.

To make this post trail related I walked 5 miles both Tuesday and Wednesday in the 
bracing cold and snow.  It was absolutely wonderful and I really felt alive after each 
walk.  I am now back in Phillie and I am suffering from the blahs.  I cannot wait to 
get back north.  I will still be hanging around on the list, but I will probably 
unsubscribe in the next couple of days.  I hope to meet every list member on the trail.

a.k.a Grey Owl

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