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Thu Jan 7 11:23:16 CST 2010

From: trailr at aol.com <trailr at aol.com>

Suddenly I'm feeling much warmer here in SC (it's only a balmy 16 here this morning).

WarmDog AT 03 (WET, but warm)
I don't feel very warm. In fact, I feel kind of "dreading" going into tonight. Did my usual "sleep 'til 11" thing and am getting the heck down off Long Mtn.

I know that thee  Chattooga River gorge always  just about doubles the rain that's called for. I are really hoping that it doesn't do that with the snow and 50 mph wind. The wind has already started. Brrr.

If I don't write back in 2 days, send someone to thaw me out!


P.S. Sloetoe, I don't know how them NE Winters cracked your head as a child, but I am NOT looking forward to this with gleeful anticipation!

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