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Thu Jan 7 12:02:07 CST 2010

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 12:30 PM, Amy Forinash <amy at forinash.net> wrote:

> I *got* a Rainbow!  And a Contrail.  And I already had a Squall.  I
> couldn't decide between the one-man tents so I decided to get three and
> decide between them.
> I have a heck of a time getting that hoop pole in and out of the Rainbow.
>  Significantly slows my setup / takedown time.  The Contrail is much easier
> to set up.  But once it's up I like the Rainbow more.  Decisions, decisions.

I have the Double Rainbow. Got it to hike with my wife, but decided it was
too cramped for two people. So I use it as a solo cold weather tent. I found
getting the pole in and out got much faster the more I did it -- not just
experience, but it seemed to "loosen up" a little.

Love the DR for solo use. The two doors provide plenty of ventilation and
views, and it can handle surprisingly rough weather conditions. Plus I can
get my big self and all my gear inside.

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