[at-l] It is what iti is

grey.owl at comcast.net grey.owl at comcast.net
Thu Jan 7 13:40:01 CST 2010

Dear Lady,

I was going to offer to peel grapes for both you and thee Clyde as a bribe to come up 
to the Long Trail Festival.  The dynamic duo needs to hit the long trail for a second 
thru; though I understand that married life is suiting you just fine.



> We will miss you, Grey Owl.
> I can sure understand your excitement (slight eye roll) of moving to the snowy North. If it trips your trigger, 
> who am I to shiver at the news? Congratulations.
> The best of luck, dry pavement and fair skies on your move.
> Do check in from time to time, sipping your coffee at that country store?

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