[at-l] It is what iti is

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Thu Jan 7 17:33:35 CST 2010

Mark Hudson wrote:
> <<If the Trail didn't kill me, Clyde would!
> But peeled grapes sound great!
> You never know, Friend Owl...>>
> Gotta work on Jan's "itch" again - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kwG0G7nbgU  <vbg>
> Jan, I hear that Felix is good with itches. or something like that...  :-)

AND....I'm lookin' for someone to hike a few days with me the week after 
the PA Ruck....(in New York...which isn't the Long Trail...but, it's 
good for itch-scratchin') 

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