[at-l] by popular demand...of one. Me.

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 7 23:18:28 CST 2010

Take two:

--- On Fri, 1/8/10, Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- On Thu, 1/7/10, nightwalker.at at gmail.com
> <nightwalker.at at gmail.com> wrote: 
> FrankenFreezer
> > 
> > P.S. Sloetoe, I don't know how them NE Winters cracked
> your head as a child, but I am NOT looking forward to this
> with gleeful anticipation!
### FrankenFreezer! Where wuz ya? I woke this morning to 20* AND NO WIND, the birds singing in the trees, saw two deer and an owl (the three of them were playing castenets and drinking umbrella drinks). And irony of ironies, it decides to warm up AND SNOW as I'm leavin'. I tell ya...


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