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Fri Jan 8 14:12:18 CST 2010

LOL  Sorry Eddy, I've been working around the house today.  I was going to try to get some earlier, but the wind was HOWLING out there.  I stepped out and it mule-kicked me right in the chest.  It was far colder than any air I have ever felt in my life including Chicago lake front freezers!  Needless to say I ran right back in the house.  The wind has been kicking the snow up all over and it looked like a blizzard out there for the longest, but I honestly don't think any of it was new... just stirring up what had laid.

I should have taken pictures first thing this morning, but didn't think of it.  When I stepped out this morning at 5:30 am the wind was completely absent, and it almost looked like mid day with the snow glowing so.  I had let the kitties (Hobbes & Pepe) out (actually had to shove out the door).  I stood there on the back step and watched as Hobbes minced his way up the hill in the back yard to his "potty" area.  It was so funny to watch him leap like a gazelle, and then land in all that snow.  Pepe just sat on the back patio and looked at me with this TOTALLY offended attitude.  He didn't venture far at all.  Then Hobbes came blazing back to the door and both of them like to have knocked me down coming in.  It's the first time Hobbes has ever swatted at Pepe!  lol

Now you can see the grass in the field behind the house, and it's been blown just about all the way off the roofs of the houses.  I do need to run some errands and will take my camera with me.  There's a shot of the car wash down the road I just have to get.  There's an ice sculpture growing in the autowash bay!  :))  I'll stop and get some pics of the mountains in a little bit and will post them tonight.
 Tenacious Tanasi 

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