[at-l] Cold. Gonna get colder.

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Back in November I thought Central Florida was never going to cool down.  It was a miserably hot, humid, sticky fall.  

But now----the weatherman is predicting possible SNOW (or sleet) for early tomorrow morning in Central Florida.  Of course, they're talking spritzes of snow, but still......  This past 10 days has been the longest cold spell I can remember since I moved her in 1967.  We often get a day or two in the 40's over a winter, but almost a full week is amazing.  Predicted wind chills tomorrow morning in the 20's, and a freeze warning to boot.  High tomorrow 44 degrees; low tomorrow night 27 degrees.  

Sunday morning the plan is to leave the house at 7:15 to be at Blue Springs State Park when they open.  The spring run is a big gathering place for manatees.  They huddle into the 72 degree spring run to get out of the much colder St. Johns River.  And we might take a little hike after we watch the manatees.

Joan, in Oviedo, an FT Trail Town

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I believe it was in grade school that we learned the difference between 
eather and climate.  Probably time for a review.  Go read.
1.5 inches at mid trail.

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 Why do people jump on the bandwagon when some politico declares a
 crisis? The falsification of data that was revealed recently indicates a
 zeal to do something when there is no clear action supported by data in
 The sky is not falling! This is not to say that we should not be prudent
 in our use of energy but the question is still, "Why jump on the
 bandwagon when the music is off key?

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 Global Warming. Ha!

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 I will be down on the Chattooga River tonight. Wind chills are gonna be
 in the negative numbers. This is the South? Gee, whiz.
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