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Yup, there are photos in the paper of cold-stunned iguanas that have fallen from the trees down in south Florida.  I haven't seen any iguanas in the woods in Central Florida; I think it does get to cold here even in a normal year.   Which is actually a pretty good thing for the environment, as the iguanas as NOT native and compete with native species for habitat and food.

Here in Central Florida I'm hoping that the cold week is enough to kill off some of the masses of invasive Cuban tree frogs.  The Cuban tree frogs EAT the native tiny green tree frogs.  In the summer, my sliding doors used to get 10-20 little green tree frogs on a hot, humid summer night.  I have only seen one native tree frog in the last year.  Those xxxx%%%$$$&&&*** Cubans like to hide under the Christmas wreaths on the door, burrow into my plantings around the porch, etc.  When I try to gently shoo them off my front door, the yleap out at me, peeing.  I draw the line at that!  They're much larger than the natives and come in a colorful variety--speckled brown/black, nearly translucent tan, green, brown, etc.  It's one species I'd be glad to see frozen to death.


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Actually, I read that iguanas are falling - from the trees in Florida.
What say you Florida folk?

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>The sky is falling, somewhere....

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