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Frank Looper nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 20:42:27 CST 2010

I had an interesting beginning to my day. I was getting water from a
fast creek with SLICK rocks. It was my "special" Nalgene that I got
from of a hiker box in Monson, Maine.

I had always said that "I'll never pay that price for a plastic
bottle." But there it was and it was free and it was cool. And I
managed to keep it for almost 5 years!

But I dropped it in that fast little creek, and it was GONE. So quick
as a flash, and without a thought in my head, I plunged my arm in
after it up to my shoulder. It was 15 degrees. And I was wearing every
layer that I had. I immediately over-reacted and slipped (ice) right
in with both feet. Then I decided that it would be dumb not to go
home, since home was an hour away.

So I'm home, and still wearing all that stuff. I'm seriously
considering getting out of it.

I could have kept hiking. I just didn't want to any more. I can't
believe that staying out there at that stage made any sense. As it
turned out, in a seriously-heated car for a 50-mile ride, I went from
wet and REALLY cold to wet and warm, and it will be very nice to be
dry and warm very soon. I'm just really beyond anyone thinking that
would not be a good idea. :-)

Heh. More next week. Wonder where.

Better a life spent in semi-poverty, living a large percentage of my
time in the woods than as a rich man ANY DAY OF MY LIFE!

Y'all have nice day. :-)

(I didn't go too Howard Dean there, did I?)


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