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Sun Jan 10 18:56:09 CST 2010

Jim Lynch wrote: 
>The paper also contained statements that have little if any relevance and can be 
>treated as red herrings.  Things that make you say: "so?".

Well, at least you read it before answering.  
OTOH, your comment isn't really helpful because you failed to specify which things 
you don't care about.  What you may not realize is that there's nothing in there that 
has not been used to try to justify the case for AGW at one time or another.  And the 
fact is that there's no evidence that proves AGW - none/nada/zilch/zero.  There's only 
"opinion" that it MUST be true.  But no evidence.  
Anyway - I've already had one person attack me privately for "ranting" about this.  So 

I'll repeat this -

Y'all should be advised that I stated up front that anyone who had a problem should come 
to one of the Rucks and talk to me about it - that this was NOT the forum for the discussion.  
Therefore - I WILL NOT accept the responsibility for this mess.  And I won't be nice about it.

Walk softly,



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