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If anyone wants to read a few short pages of lyrical climate prose, go to
http://books.google.com/books , search on 'ghosts of vesuvius' , and read
from the last paragraph of p. 273 through the first paragraph of p. 275

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>  Sorry Jim O, my two sentence response was all the paper was worth.  I've
> spent far too much time reading and commenting on that sort of stuff (you
> ever read the 'Lord Moncton Papers'; give that a try some time).  How so
> ever, *no one* should "attack" you either publically or privately; its a
> shame when these discussions, which are at the core very technical, get
> personal.
>    On another note, trail related, we trail lovers might consider the
> impacts of climate change on the AT.  Erosion, vegetation cover, water
> supply, more/less snow.  Is the NPS or ATC thinking about this?  We might
> want to ask them to start doing so.
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> Jim Lynch wrote:
> >The paper also contained statements that have little if any relevance and
> can be
> >treated as red herrings.  Things that make you say: "so?".
> Well, at least you read it before answering.
> OTOH, your comment isn't really helpful because you failed to specify which
> things
> you don't care about.  What you may not realize is that there's nothing in
> there that
> has not been used to try to justify the case for AGW at one time or
> another.  And the
> fact is that there's no evidence that proves AGW - none/nada/zilch/zero.
> There's only
> "opinion" that it MUST be true.  But no evidence.
> Anyway - I've already had one person attack me privately for "ranting"
> about this.  So
> I'll repeat this -
> Y'all should be advised that I stated up front that anyone who had a
> problem should come
> to one of the Rucks and talk to me about it - that this was NOT the forum
> for the discussion.
> Therefore - I WILL NOT accept the responsibility for this mess.  And I
> won't be nice about it.
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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