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There's not enough warm time in the year to do as much hiking as I like to do.

I just spoke to my wife. She said if I go three months without a hike, she's sending me to your place.

Truth? The only time the really bad round-and-round tape loops have been stopping lately is when I'm hiking. Maybe you left the bad stuff behind, but not everyone is able to. And this stuff went on 16 years. I just can't make it go away. I'm losing this battle. The war ain't looking real good either.

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Go hiking when it's warm out.  That's what I do and it really works.


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The only way I found to keep it pourable was to carry it in my pocket. But I took two of those REI refillable squeeze tubes from the NOC kitchen hiker box last year, and I think that might just eliminate the problem. With a squeeze tube, who cares if it's solid, right?

I would be interested to hear an opinion or three on that.
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