[at-l] Cold. Gonna get colder.

grey.owl at comcast.net grey.owl at comcast.net
Mon Jan 11 06:37:32 CST 2010

Hey Gang,

Tired of hearing this climate change debate.  Jim made one contribution, there are 
others out there.  The bottom line is that we will not really know what is happening 
until a hundred years from now.  Science has 20/20 hindsight but has not done a great 
job in predicting the future especially with complex systems like weather.  The 
ignorance expressed, on this list, about gives me reason to dispare about the future of 
the United States.  

Yes it is cold.  I love it!!  Too cold for me to go hiking, but the humidty is low, the 
air is clear so I spent last night looking at Jupiter and Mars and measuring the 
magnitude of a half dozen variable stars.


Moving to Vermont February 8, 2010

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