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Joan, thanks for the detail about a group hikers move off the trail *on the same side*; that's a nuance that I hadn't heard before.  Now a question: if the trail is on a hill, and the hikers can as easily move off the trail to one side or the other, which is preferred, to go to the uphill side, or the downhill side?  I've got my own opinion, but I've never heard anything definitive.

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  Here in Florida, when horses graze they tend to get a fair amount of sand along with the grass.  The sand causes their teeth to wear unevenly, creating little hooks that can lacerate their tongues or the insides of the cheeks.  Therefore, every so often the vet has to come and "float" their teeth.  Floating basically means that the vet files down their teeth with a big rasp.  They don't react as if they're in pain, so I guess it doesn't hurt.

  It's not difficult to get them to open their mouths.  The tricky part is grabbing the tongue and holding it to one side while the vet does the filing.  

  The sand also causes impactions in the horse's gut.  So every so often, good horsemen feed a hot bran mash mixed with a little sorghum and a lot of oil.  Usually we feed this a few days after the horse has been wormed.  The oily bran mash gets rid of the internalized dead worms and the sand.  

  And I have NO idea how to make this hiking related.------------Except, if you meet horsemen when you're hiking, the horses have the right of way.  If you're in a group, get everyone off the trail and preferably all off on the same side.  Speak softly to the people as the horses approach and pass.  Don't wave your arms or hiking sticks or anything else.   This helps the horse ID you as a human being not some scary monster.


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  hiker 317 writ:  My first thought on reading the header was extra-strength mouthwash, industrial floss and how do you get them to open their mouth for flossing...

  I was giggling my head off..... cuz I had the same mental image!  ROFLMAO!!!

  Tenacious Tanasi 

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