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> Joan, thanks for the detail about a group hikers move off the trail *on 
> the same side*; that's a nuance that I hadn't heard before.  Now a question: 
> if the trail is on a hill, and the hikers can as easily move off the trail 
> to one side or the other, which is preferred, to go to the uphill side, or 
> the downhill side?  I've got my own opinion, but I've never heard anything 
> definitive.

I'm not Joan, but you should go to the downhill side. When you're uphill, 
you remind horses of the pumas and other scary monsters who are just waiting 
to eat them.

One of my favorite scary monster stories is about riding with a friend. We 
passed a large rock just as he opened a beer, which made a sound like 
psssssst. probably a scary monster snake behind the rock.

I swear the horse dropped two feet down and four feet to the side 
simultaneously. It was just like the cartoons. There's the horse over there and 
beside me, still in the air, sitting position, beer in hand, is my friend.

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