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> 1.  Campsite selection:  It's around 20 degrees.  Given a choice of mountain
> top or a little cove near a stream, which site do you choose and why?
> Weather is clear with little wind.

On a clear calm night, cold will settle into the valley and it'll
likely be colder by the stream.  Ideally, try to find a site midway up
the mountain.  Still protected by trees but not prone to the vagaries
of mountain top weather.

> 2.  ...At 20 degrees, with two pairs of wool socks, in the bag,

Multiple layers could restrict circulation.  If you pile on the socks,
make sure they aren't at all tight.

>...full length thermarest, feet propped up on my
> pack, with my coat over the bag, my feet were so cold they just hurt.  Any
> additional tips on keeping feet warm in cold weather camp, short of carrying
> a beefier bag? ...

Thermarest pads are open cell foam pads.  For cold temperature hiking,
get a thin closed cell foam pad to put ON TOP of the open cell foam
pad.  Read my much more detailed write-up here:

Also, if your feet are cold, wear a hat.  :-)  Really.

> 3.  I managed to hang my foodbag, ...

Bear bagging isn't necessary in the winter when black bears and many
other species hibernate or are mostly dormant.  Mouse bagging might
prove useful.

> 4.  ...Do you carry an extra stake or two on long distance hikes?

No.  I just make use of rocks, trees, dead men (bags filled with
snow), or other options for staking if getting a stake into the ground
isn't working out.  Tie off the tent to a tree or put a big rock on
top of the stake - works as well as putting a stake into the ground.

Have fun out there...

Stitches, AT99

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