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4. I've broken tent stakes, so I usually carry an extra titanium tent stake. Another 1/3 ounce won't kill me. 
During last week's hike, I actually broke the head off of a titanium nail stake while pounding it in. That is some COLD ground right there!

My take on tent stakes: I take titanium nails AND Easton hollow aluminum stakes. Some ground is too mushy for the titanium stakes, and some ground is too cold/hard/rocky for the aluminum ones. And you can't always find a substitute for a stake that doesn't work. And it might be raining so hard you don't want to!

Cody, if you can get the money together, you really should not count on a 30 degree bag. I have seen 0 degree nights on the AT in Winter and 10 degree nights in March. TNF makes a 20 degree bag for around $100.00. The model name is Blaze. Heavy, but it works. It weighs 3 pounds, but you won't freeze. And take that 10 (really 5) degree silk liner with you anyway. At least until May or after Mt Rogers, whichever comes first. Above 5,000 feet, I have seen serious weather at all tmes of the year except deep Summer.

Of course, I'm no thru hiker. But I've got around the same miles as it takes to do a Triple Crown. Probably more.

In the end, only you can decide what you are going to carry. Make good choices!


P.S. If your liner is not a silk one, I can probably find the one I have around here somewhere and send it to you. It weighs a little less than 4 ounces.

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