[at-l] Feedback Please!

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 15 15:15:47 CST 2010

--- On Fri, 1/15/10, Cody Girl <codycodygirl at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1.  Campsite selection:  It's around 20
> degrees.  Given a choice of mountain top or a little cove
> near a stream, which site do you choose and why?  Weather
> is clear with little wind.
### You've seen the consensus of "not the top, not the bottom; somewhere out of the way." Solid advice.

> 2.  My gear wasn't quite down with the temps. 
> At 20 degrees, with two pairs of wool socks, in the bag,
> full length thermarest, feet propped up on my pack, with my
> coat over the bag, my feet were so cold they just hurt. 
> Any additional tips on keeping feet warm in cold weather
> camp, short of carrying a beefier bag? (I was using a 30
> degree bag with a 10 degree liner, so I was pushing the
> limit of the gear)  I accept the fact that some nights are
> just gonna be cold, but I was sure hoping I would be warmer
> at 20 degrees.
### Did you have the hood snugged up to your noodle? Did you have a hat or two on? Did something (even foot position) cause your feet to poke the available insulation to thinness? And did you consider that unless your sleeping bag is a WM or Feathered Friends, that temperature rating is *trash*. Think about fleece footies for just your bag -- they may do the trick. Otherwise, re-rate your equipment for 30*-35*, and add some more to it before you head back to the 20* territory.
> 4.  I busted a tent stake, ... Do you carry an extra stake or two on long
> distance hikes?
> ### I have never busted anything other than a giant snow stake -- and yes, I carried 2-3 spare. But in non-snow, a spare stick, rock, or dead-man would do the trick. I've never busted a stake otherwise.


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