[at-l] The GPS Thing

nightwalker.at at gmail.com nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 17:28:31 CST 2010

My very best mapping GPS got stolen out of my car last night. I am very bummed about it. Making maps for state parks is one of the things I do to stay useful to society asds a disabled person. I have others, but this was top of the line.

As I told the C.O.P. Last night, if they catch the thief. and he was just an unemployed guy with a hungry family, I won't prosecute. But if it's just another crack/meth addict supporting a habit, y'all can help him de-tox awhile. :-)

JIM O: you never won a "leave the GPS at home" argument THIS easy before. <G>

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