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2.  My gear wasn't quite down with the temps.  At 20 degrees, with two pairs of wool socks, in the bag, full length thermarest, feet propped up on my pack, with my coat over the bag, my feet were so cold they just hurt.  Any additional tips on keeping feet warm in cold weather camp, short of carrying a beefier bag? (I was using a 30 degree bag with a 10 degree liner, so I was pushing the limit of the gear)  I accept the fact that some nights are just gonna be cold, but I was sure hoping I would be warmer at 20 degrees.  

*** I used a 20* bag and silk liner and wasn't warm at <20*.  I really don't think a silk liner adds much warmth, but I had it (it was a gift), and it came in handy once it warmed up and bugs came out.  I know of several hikers that used 0* down bag from Campmor.  I'm usually "cheap" when it comes to gear, and I'll probably go that route for my next bag.  Unless I find a great deal on Steep and Cheap dot com or something.

3.  I managed to hang my foodbag, but was wondering if anyone could point me to the "right way" to hang a food bag, or a you tube or anything like?  

***Hanging a foodbag is FUN, isn't it Hotdog???  We had lotsa laughs trying to hang food.  Once we were so busy laughing that we didn't react very quickly when the rock at the end of the rope went swinging right between our heads. Since it didn't hit either one of us, it was even funnier.  

I don't recall exact circumstances or at what point it happened, but food bag wasn't always hung so bears couldn't reach it.  Sometimes it was only hung head-high just to keep it off the ground.  Once or twice it was in my tent with me.


***Learning is good!  Enjoy it!
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