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Sat Jan 16 09:31:54 CST 2010

Vcat writ:  Really neat memories.  What a great childhood.

Ya know, I have always thought of my childhood as being horrible.  When I have most memories of my childhood  and my family it usually includes some form of abuse or me trying desperately to find sanity in an insane world.  And, I've always been angry about that... cheated... sad.

After reading Vcat's post, looking back I have many, many wonderful memories.  Yes, I may have stayed out of doors or at the barn a lot more due to the fact that I was avoiding the constant drama within my family and home, but ... the silver lining of all that is that I developed a love of the outdoors & wonderlust; an appreciation of animals & nature; and through reading tons of books I developed a much different psyche and thought process.  Perhaps this was why I was so disconnected from my family.  Where they had elected to stay in those fights and conflicts... I chose not to be..... and became a much different person than they. 

What an epiphany.....
Tenacious Tanasi

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