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Hmmmm... not going to follow the "ex-wife" or "mother-in-law" cold analogy -
might start flashbacking....

One thing that helped me keep my feet warm was to take the clothes that I
would be wearing the next day and stuff them down into the end
of the bag to take up any unused space.  Helped keep the feet warm and had
the added benefit of having warm clothes the next morning.

I also found that by having my bag compressed in my pack all day, laying it
out as early as I could gave it some time to get its loft back.
Don't know if that was a psychological thing or not but it seemed to help.

And since I used one of the MSR WindPro stoves, I had to put my cannister
down in the bag at night as well to keep it warm.  The one night I did not
do that,
I ended up putting the cannister inside by jacket next to the skin to warm
it up.  Now THAT was a wake up call....

~~WhoAh... who really wants to be up at the SoRuck right now...

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>  So it was cold.  (Minnesota level of cold based on my experience. )
> That's not a temperature-rating system!  It should be "ex-wife cold"  or
> "mother-in-law cold"
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