[at-l] Sleeping Bag Ratings Question

David Addleton dfaddleton at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 14:45:20 CST 2010

The proverbial divinity or devil "THEY" rate sleeping bags by degrees
F or C or both, suggesting the bag is "comfortable" at the designated
temperature. But THEY never say what, if anything, they were wearing
when sleeping in the bag @ the designated temperature, how much
aclimatizing to the weather THEY did before testing, or wheather THEY
generally sleep hot or cold. If anyone knows any lynx to how THEY
arrive at their ratings, please post them.
NOTE: whether I sleep hot or cold depends on the recent weather I've
experienced: IE, aclimatization: if I've experienced two weeks of
"cold" weather, I become .aclimatized' and sleep .hot. under the
covers I needed when it first got cold. (Cold for me is, at the
beginning of winter, 30 something F; in springtime it's further down
the scale, and depends on the winter temperatures I've experienced. I
remember once when 18F felt warm.)
Last nite I slept at Providence Canyon in Ga without a sleeping bag to
test my cold weather "technicals" down to 30F. The feet were under
silk liner + 2 medium weight smart wool sox. The feet whined a lot
about the cold, I.E., my perception from the feet was "we're freezing
down here" but intellectually I knew they we'rn't freezing. I told
them to quit whining and slept fine. It's when you don't feel them AT
ALL that you've got a major problem (I'm told).

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