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David Addleton dfaddleton at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 16:42:16 CST 2010

thx Sharkey for the awesomely responive post .  .  .

a link would be cool, but now I have key words for my own search ["EN" --  ?!]

another question ---

"one layer" = light, medium, or heavey weight of what fabrique?

is that another or more question?

On 1/16/10, Daniel Steil <dsteil19 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Only Marmot and REI sleeping bags use the European Norm (EN) temperature
> rating system for their bags.  The EN system is more accurate because it
> takes the average of three different temperature ratings ( I forget what all
> three are but the lowest of the three is the survivable rating) and uses the
> middle temperature to title the rating of the bag.  The rating they give the
> bag is based on having one layer on with hat and gloves.  All other
> companies give their ratings based on what temperature you could survive at,
> not necessarily what you would be comfortable at.
> Sharky
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 3:45 PM, David Addleton <dfaddleton at gmail.com>wrote:
>> The proverbial divinity or devil "THEY" rate sleeping bags by degrees
>> F or C or both, suggesting the bag is "comfortable" at the designated
>> temperature. But THEY never say what, if anything, they were wearing
>> when sleeping in the bag @ the designated temperature, how much
>> aclimatizing to the weather THEY did before testing, or wheather THEY
>> generally sleep hot or cold. If anyone knows any lynx to how THEY
>> arrive at their ratings, please post them.
>> NOTE: whether I sleep hot or cold depends on the recent weather I've
>> experienced: IE, aclimatization: if I've experienced two weeks of
>> "cold" weather, I become .aclimatized' and sleep .hot. under the
>> covers I needed when it first got cold. (Cold for me is, at the
>> beginning of winter, 30 something F; in springtime it's further down
>> the scale, and depends on the winter temperatures I've experienced. I
>> remember once when 18F felt warm.)
>> Last nite I slept at Providence Canyon in Ga without a sleeping bag to
>> test my cold weather "technicals" down to 30F. The feet were under
>> silk liner + 2 medium weight smart wool sox. The feet whined a lot
>> about the cold, I.E., my perception from the feet was "we're freezing
>> down here" but intellectually I knew they we'rn't freezing. I told
>> them to quit whining and slept fine. It's when you don't feel them AT
>> ALL that you've got a major problem (I'm told).
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