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Wow. I didn,t put hardly any thought into buying my bag. I just saw one that was rated at 15 degrees, was very high quality
 down (850 or more), had a great rating in backpacker mag field tests, and had lots of torso room (and was about 2lb 4oz). Never even got in it, I bought it online, and it worked fine. it was a mountainsmith vision. Now I would probably buy a Western Mountaineering down bag.

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btw & imho :

"surviveability" is almost as individual as subjective "comfort" and
plotted graphically doesn't make a perfect bell.
That's why I think that the standard should be loft height. I kid you not, but one manufacturer uses a body-temp dummy and infra-red cameras. That would work, but it seems an awful lot of expense to prove a point.

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