[at-l] Sleeping Bag Ratings Question

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I think if you get out the new REI Halo 20 degree down bag it talks about
the EN rating.  I'm assuming mid layer because its something everyone should
have and during the winter nobody should be attempting to sleep in
lightweight base layers.


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> I bought my Mountainsmith because it was light and $100 off of retail. As
> it turned out, it was a very nice accident. :-)
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> Wow. I didn,t put hardly any thought into buying my bag. I just saw one
> that was rated at 15 degrees, was very high quality
>  down (850 or more), had a great rating in backpacker mag field tests, and
> had lots of torso room (and was about 2lb 4oz). Never even got in it, I
> bought it online, and it worked fine. it was a mountainsmith vision. Now I
> would probably buy a Western Mountaineering down bag.
> Hotdog AT03
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> btw & imho :
> "surviveability" is almost as individual as subjective "comfort" and
> plotted graphically doesn't make a perfect bell.
> ----------------------------------
> That's why I think that the standard should be loft height. I kid you not,
> but one manufacturer uses a body-temp dummy and infra-red cameras. That
> would work, but it seems an awful lot of expense to prove a point.
> Frank
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