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Hot Dog and Wench's comments made me laugh this morning, thanks! I had the distinct pleasure to meet them in 2003 on perhaps their worst day of the hiker. Here's a little reminder in their own words, from their trail jounals on Aug. 10. The rain was amazing that night, and Mt. Washington recorded 4.5 inches for that storm.

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This is Wench's entry for Aug. 10, 2003: 

"...The trail to Crawford Notch was... hmmm... quite wet. The AT itself was a stream, with water running up and down the trail, inches deep. Small streams that are probably just trickles were gushing, sometimes knee-deep, making those crossings interesting, but not too dangerous. It surely didn't mean I'd have a chance to dry out my feet though. At one point, Hotdog said "My trail name should be 'Waterlogged'" and after last night and this morning I thought if either of us should have that name, it should be me! I said "YOU should be named that???" Just then he slipped off a log bog bridge, ending up with one foot in the water. I laughed and said "Okay, you win."

Here is Hot Dog's for the same day:

"...This morning, in 7.2 miles, we walked in water 3-4 miles of it. Lots of stream and creek crossings, some fast and up to our knees, but mostly it was flooded trail over our boots (like walking down a stream). We walked with an extra pound or two in each boot, but still did 7.2 miles by 10:20. Cool… We met a couple of southbounders about 3 miles from Crawford Notch, “Tangent”, and “Semi Sweet”. They said that a past Thruhiker “Rock Dancer”, was sitting at the parking lot helping hikers, and they wanted us to pass a message along to him (that they were back on the trail, and not getting off). We arrived at the parking lot and Rock Dancer wasn’t there, but a cooler and a chair were…."


>>One good day makes all the bad ones go away. There is no way I should have finished, with all the pains I had (and all the pills I took for it). Each day was a new pain free start. The prev day forgotten. Thank God! Well.... I also couldn't have done it without Wench - HotDog 

>>Hmm... I tend to remember the good more than the bad.  That's why another thruhike seems possible.  After all, it was an endless stream of good views, laughs, painless days, good weather, and easy hiking, right??? When I'm going through tough things, it's difficult, frustrating, angering and sometimes makes me wanna cry, but afterwards... "That wasn't so bad." Maybe that's just me? I dunno.
:-) Wench

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