[at-l] Sleeping Bag Ratings Question

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The quality of down fill (i.e. 850 or whatever it may be) doesn't
necessarily indicate warmth.  All the numbers mean is how many cubic inches
of space one ounce of that weight down can fill ( one ounce of 800 fill
takes up 800 cubic inches of space) .  The number that really matters in
down bags is the fill weight of the down and to me is a better indication of


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> From: Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net>
> Me, too. I bought a -10 Campmor Brand bag that was a good price. I still
> love it... and, the smell it's come to have over the last 12 years.
> ----------------------------------
> And the smell always comes back, even just a couple of bag-nights after
> washing it. But it's the kind that makes you smile and think about all those
> hikes...
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