[at-l] places to check the weather

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Sun Jan 17 15:05:48 CST 2010

From: Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net>

Too many things to say to all of this....so, I'll just say this: I'm sticking with my opinion that a weather radio is far from a necessity to 
complete a thru-hike.
I'm not talking about a thru. I'm talking any hike over 3-4 days in the Appalachian mountain range. But that's just my own personal fears talking. I had either ridiculously cold or other extreme weathher sneak up on me and catch me un-prepared too many times.

But I will agree with you on your main point. On a longer hike, you're pretty much carrying "all occasion" gear. I got caught on short hikes TWICE with a 30 bag in weather that got near zero. I got some frostbite and paranoia out of those two occasions.

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