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I don't filter folks either. I've never seen anyone that was in danger of getting filtered by me, so I don't know where my break point is.  On another list, there was a fellow that really rubbed folks the wrong way and they all had him filtered.  The moderator finally kicked him off.  Brings back memories of the early days of "bulletin boards" and the internet when "flame wars" would break out.  Most of us seem to have a pretty good sense of courtesy, respect and decorum.  Or maybe most of us are just boring.  :)

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    I'm pretty sure that a number of folks already have me filtered because of volume or content anyway.

    I can go a long time between posting sometimes, but then make up for all of it in 1-2 days.

  I was just ribbing you Frank. I don't often filter people although R&R tempted me a few times and there was that one guy who told us we should wash our sleeping bags with a cement mixer. Don't remember his name. I filtered him.

  Jim Bullard


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