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Sometimes, it's like I'm outside my body, watching myself and saying "People sure would like him a lot better if he talked a lot less."

The memory loss came from stroke #2. The adult-teenager nonsense came from the 1st one. Mood swings and never meet a stranger. Yeehaw!

That's another reason I like being in the woods so much. It calms me down quite a bit. And this Winter, it seems like one thing or another has kept me away from The Happy Place more than I'd like.

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I'm pretty sure that a number of folks already have me filtered because of volume or content anyway.

 I can go a long time between posting sometimes, but then make up for all of it in 1-2 days.
 I was just ribbing you Frank. I don't often filter people although R&R tempted me a few times and there was that one guy who told us we should wash our sleeping bags with a cement mixer. Don't remember his name. I filtered him.

Jim Bullard

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