[at-l] But!

nightwalker.at at gmail.com nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 17:08:08 CST 2010

I did enjoy the long discussion about bags, loft, temp-ratings, down quality, etc. It was pretty wide-ranging, no one got mad and those on the sidelines might have got something useful out of it.

Here is another discussion I'd love to see: Does a single hike of 2,200 miles improve one's outdoor skills more than a number of hikes equalling the same miles? Does the series of shelters on the AT give some a false sense of security? Do days out count more for experiential improvement than miles walked?

All useful questions. All questions that might not be able to be discussed anywhere else without getting uncivilized.

We tend to get pretty crazy close to the even Novembers. But overall, this is the best place that I've seen to have a spirited discussion. Maybe that's just me.

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