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What is that? pToe Latin?

I get more insecure the longer I go without at least a week-long hike. The last two planned week+ long hikes ended early due to injury and then hypothermia. Wednesday, I get a cast on my left foot that puts me in the bed for two weeks. Just getting antsy.

I am a strange mix of brain damage and mental illness. Even *I* don't know how to take me sometimes!

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### Deepen breathen, Franken. Ien didn'ten noticen anythingen abouten youren postsen yesterdayen outen ofen theen ordinaryen. Trulyen. Oren diden Ien missen somet'ingen? Nahen.


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> You didn't say anything that was
> unacceptable in my opinion.
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:22 PM,
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> Was I too over-the-top yesterday,
> or is a bored, manic afternoon occasionally acceptable?

> FrankenBlabberFingers

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