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If you know where to look, you can find a lot of the "original" AT. I follow it whenever possible. A few places that come to mind are the amazingly-viewed road walk between Tesnatee and Hogpen gaps in GA, a nice section near the NOC, and 30 miles or so North of Damascus which is now called (I think) the Bear Mtn trail.

With the Nat Geo map, you could probably hike 200 miles or more of trail within 50 miles of Damascus. Seriously. The NG map lloks like ant farm tunnels there.

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I'll toss in something that might have been discussed in another venue some while back.  We all like the AT but it does have something of an artificiality to it.  Well marked, shelters, guide books that are pretty good, etc.  What would be neat would be to hike from Springer to Katahdin on blue blazed trails as much as they exist.  Now that would be an interesting challenge.  

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