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Mon Jan 18 19:17:32 CST 2010

Frankenfingers wrote:>Was I too over-the-top yesterday, or is a bored, manic afternoon >occasionally acceptable? To my knowledge, nothing you've ever written has come close to some of the things that have showed up on at-l in the past.  I wonder if anyone remembers Dave Fales?  OTOH, I wasn't here - I was at the SoRuck.  We missed you.   >I am pretty sure that I have lost one friend because of my willingness >to discuss anything and everything ad infinitum. Friendship does not require total agreement with each other – but if disagreement is not tolerated, then friendship is not the word for the relationship. Some of my best friends are political polar opposites.  Many of those 
who dislike me are simply intolerant of the difference. But that's their problem, not mine.  

Walk softly, 




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