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You didn't apologize for your most recent "extraordinarily vicious" outburst that I recall, but whatever. 

The last time I remember replying to you before today was when you were wondering about Weary and I told you that he'd recently posted on Whiteblaze, although that was awhile ago. 

Bear in mind that you started this thread to ask if you had gone too far this past weekend; my reply was a sincere response to that. I really don't have the time, interest or inclination to fight on "Da 'Net". 

We can be "casual friends", but if you wish to become negative occasionally, don't expect to simply get a "pass". 

Of course, you could always join the "chickenshit contingent" and just block my email @ddress...but I think that you're a better person than that. 


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Not at all. Which is why I try to avoid it; just the facts, man. ;-) 
Try harder. I'd like to get along with you again, really. But you seem to only comment on anything I say if it gives you a chance to put me down. Not very productive 

Maybe we ARE just too different to see eye-to-eye. And I would be the first to admit that the last time I unloaded on you I was extraordinarily vicious about it. I just don't know how to "fix" it. Do you? 

I apologized sincerely, but said that I'd understand if you didn't forgive me. I've been a bit snarky towards you as well, truthfully. 

So. Is there any way to repair it? I'm willing to listen. At one time we were casual friends, and it would be nice to un-kill that. 

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