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I will do my very best. I don't have to be friends with everyone to feel like a whole person. But I SERIOUSLY dislike having active enemies.

I do admit to seeing some humor in the fact that I thought you were purposely pushing my buttons at the same time that you thought I was doing exactly the same thing to you. :-)

Kum-by-yah, etc.

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If I missed seeing your apology, that's why I added the modifier "that I recall". For a time, I was deleting much of what you posted, unread. No matter. I do not try to push your "buttons". If I do sometimes, it's not with conscious intent; mostly it would be in response to your pushing mine. It's a new year, how about a resolution to avoid negativity? I'm down with that.

You are correct, last year at this time I was in Hawaii. This year I'm going in February...

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You didn't apologize for your most recent "extraordinarily vicious" outburst that I recall, but whatever.
I did, but I could hardly expect you to read everything I write, now could I?

I let you get to me when I should not. But you know right where my buttons are, and how to push them. I'm just saying that I was the most wrong of the two of us in the problems between us.

What I asked about was this past weekend. You're usually somewhere far west of here that weekend. I hope that you got to do that again this year.

You know, a fellow could be gotten to the f**k it point sometime or another, and just quit caring. Hopefully I won't make it that far. But that's completely up to me. When I use someone else's behavior as an excuse for mine, I'm just not being honest.


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