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>Here is another discussion I'd love to see: Does a single hike of 
>2,200 miles improve one's outdoor skills more than a number of hikes 
>equalling the same miles? 

Well, I improved my skills substantially by doing my '97 thruhike! Up to that point I had acquired all the skills & leadership needed to guide for the AMC in the Whites, in Winter! (At the time there were only about 100 people Winter-qualified)

But when I got to Springer I was unprepared, in a way, for what was to happen. The difference, was all of those hikes, over 14 years, had been planned 2-3 day events. Yes there were times when I had to modify my approach because of terrain, weather, or (more commonly) problems with the participants. And I'm happy to say I never lost a hiker, and only 1 case of frostbite.

The difference meant I was out there in all kinds of weather, trying to make progress up the trail. I was up to the task but it was definitely a challenge. Usually the bad stuff was around wet weather unexpectedly getting to my gear & the anxiety of planning & making the town stops as needed. I also had trouble with maintaining a good attitude as times got tough.

But I learned, and I continued to hike & improve on subsequent trips. Each trip has been a chance to refine my gear, and to build in quality on the hike. I enjoy the long hikes more, partly for the familiarity of it all. I have thought of the other big trails on occasion but the AT is a useful tool for me as it is. To vary things a bit I also use the blue blazes and road walks as I wish to. I agree about the walk from Tesnatee Gap to Hog Pen, just watch out for the motorcycles!

(I'm more curious about personal experiences than opinions on this one. I could have said that the general hiker would undergo skill improvement but of what sort, how much? And why would you agree with my statement?)

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