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> From: Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com>
> > There's an old saying; "The best
> > camera is the one you carry and use." :-)
> ### I coulda sworn that was an old FIREARM saying.
> neverbringacameratoagunfightoe

I don't go to gun fights Toey.

> ----------------------------------
> I did notice that when I broke the LCD on my Nikon--and switched to using
> the cameraphone--that I took a lot less pictures.
> I need to get another digi-cam. The 8-10 M-pixel ones cost less than my 5
> M-pixel did when I bought it. Same brand, model and everything.
> What would REALLY be nice would be to budget for the weight of my M645 and
> the cost of the film. Maybe compromise and bring the Nilon F. :-)
> FrankenFoto

M645? Nice cameras. I have 3 of them, the J, the 1000 and a TL Pro. Anyone
want to buy the J or the 1000. I need to thin my gear.

Jim Bullard
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