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Tue Jan 19 13:49:02 CST 2010

From: Amy Forinash <amy at forinash.net>

I have five backpacks, two hammocks, five tents, two tarps, eleven sleeping bags, five cookpots,  and a partridge in a pear tree.  I might need an intervention.
Well, I don't have 11 sleeping bags. Maybe I'll be okay. My number of packs is REALLY embarassing, though. But 4 of them need to be sent back for repairs, so I can probably justify that one too.

Change of subject: Something Rock Dancer said got me to thinking. It doesn't matter that I've got more miles than 4/5 of the thru-hikers. In this circle, you really aren't  taken seriously unless you've done the whole d at m thing in one year. So I guess I need to hope this cast thing works, and then make sure I've got someone to babysit the wife.

I kid you not. I've been around a campfire swapping trail stories and someone will say: "So what year did you thru-hike?" Then the atmosphere immediately changes.

So, with somewhere between 7-8k miles under my boots, I guess it's time to prove that I'm a "real" hiker. I just hope that the cast works for the foot. The surgery sounds especially painful.

I've been very down lately because I haven't had a chance to take a week+ hike. At least that's what I choose to attribute it to. So most things I say probably should not be taken very seriously.

On a happier note, I weighed less yesterday than I have in this century. I weighed 180 in 2000 when I quit smoking atwith a 13% body fat), but by 2001 I already weighed over my current 223. I weighed 270 at last year's Soruck. Losing lots of weight should be a great morale builder, but I just can't seem to shake the negatives loose. Not giving up yet. I'm also curios to find out what the muscle gains over the last 9 years have done to the body fat %. I have a fat caliper. Does anyone know of some reputable instructions on using one? I'll bet Google does. :-)


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