[at-l] perspective / reality checks

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Tue Jan 19 21:52:20 CST 2010

From: David Addleton <dfaddleton at gmail.com>

My desire to hike the AT has waned in the last two or three years...
Strangely enough, mine has gotten stronger.

Personally, I suspect the challenges of brain, mind, and physical injury, malady, or illness present more of a challenge than any of the
above -- yet NONE OF THE ABOVE, except tangently, are the subject or purpose of the AT-L . . .
And perhaps the above reasons have a lot to do with the increased desire. My mental and physical health, injuries and a very unhealthy spouse have kept me home WAY too much in the last few years. Tomorrow the podiatrist/orthopedist tries the last non-invasive thing before an odd lithotripsy-related surgery. I will be in a cast for two weeks with my left foot. Hopefully my right one won't require it.

If I don't thru soon, my parents and wife are going to be too unhealthy for me to leave. It is getting close to now or seems-like-never time. I just don't want to get old and look back at my hiking career and realize how far I've walked without ever going far from home.

I've sectioned in Maine and VA, and done almost all of South of Damascus multiple times. I'm just tired of hearing about everybody else's thru. I want one of my own.

Hard to explain.

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